Crema Cafe: Roasted Eggplant Sandwich


This weekend I had dinner at Crema Cafe in Harvard Square. As I walked in, I made up my mind to be strict and order a truly stomach-friendly dish. This isn’t an easy task on the reflux diet, where fatty AND acidic foods are prohibited!

I chose a sandwich of roasted eggplant, herbed tofu spread, olive tapenade, and baby spinach (hold the sundried tomatoes) on ciabatta. Just as I’d hoped, the eggplant was flavorful and not oily. However, I bit into the sandwich and was surprised by a lemony burst from the tofu. It was sublime to taste citrus for the first time in a month. But this, combined with the generous helping of vinegary tapenade, left me feeling sick for the next hour.

Also, I can’t resist commenting on the tofu spread. This isn’t something I would typically order, but I’ve been missing sandwich spreads, which are too high in fat for this diet. But yikes—what a poor substitute for aioli or cheese! The texture was stomach-turning.

This meal was a restaurant FAIL, and unfortunately I didn’t love the taste, either. If given a redo, I would build my own sandwich of chicken, eggplant, baby spinach, and a bit of tapenade on the side. Going to restaurants is a challenge on this diet; creating a custom meal from ingredients found throughout the menu may be the only safe option.

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  1. I am always that person that ends up making my own meal because I ask for so many things on the side, or without, or substituted haha my brother always pokes fun, but hey as long as I get what I will enjoy it doesn’t matter.

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