Fuji 1546: Seaweed Salad and Mixed Roll


Japanese restaurants always have reflux-friendly food. Sushi with ginger works for most diets, and appetizers like miso soup and steamed dumplings are both low-acid and low-fat.

The other night at Fuji 1546, I started with the seaweed salad. This dish is light and perfect for a summer evening. There’s probably more sesame oil than is recommended, but I felt fine afterward.

I also had a mixed roll of tuna and yellowtail with light soy sauce and pickled ginger. It was weird to leave off the wasabi—I’m not positive that it is as irritating as hot peppers, but I didn’t want to chance it. I enjoyed the freshness of the fish that evening.

I would’ve ordered a miso soup and another roll to round out the meal, but I was saving room for dessert! My husband found a Friendly’s gift card around the house, and I would’ve been depressed watching idly as he ate a massive chocolate-peanut butter sundae. So I ordered a waffle with nonfat vanilla frozen yogurt, caramel sauce, and almonds. It was so delicious, I forgot to take a photo! It looked like this, except I scraped off the whipped cream.


This meal was a restaurant WIN for the sushi dinner. The waffle sundae could’ve been a win if I had stopped myself from eating the whole thing, but hey, a girl’s gotta live.


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