Chipotle: Soft Tacos with Carnitas


At my first Chipotle visit in months, I was unsure whether I’d have a successful, reflux-free meal. But I decided to treat myself to my favorite fast food after a tough day.

My first strategy was to order tacos. A burrito has more than a thousand calories and who knows how many gram of fiber—a combination that overfills the stomach and leads to instant heartburn. Even the bowl is too large because it contains so much rice. But the tacos are just the right size.

My next strategy was to order the carnitas. I’ve tried every protein Chipotle offers, and this one is the least spicy. And last, I had to forgo all salsas because of the heat and acidity.

These tacos were satisfying. The carnitas was tender and flavorful (if a bit salty). The black beans probably had garlic or onion in them, but it’s cooked into the sauce in the lowest amount you could find in Tex-Mex food. The cheese was creamy but didn’t add too much fat in a small dose, and the lettuce topped it off with a fresh crunch.

My first bite was a bit sad because I missed the spicy chicken, jalepeno-corn salsa, and lime-soaked, super-high-fat guacamole. But I kept at it and really enjoyed these flavors. Best of all, my stomach felt fine afterward. I’m declaring this a restaurant WIN. I wouldn’t go every day, but if you need an occasional Chipotle fix like I do, you don’t have to suffer for it.


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