Westville: Market Veggie Plate


Westville, a casual eatery with several NYC locations, serves so many vegetables. At the Chelsea location I was excited to see the names of their veggie options painted right on the building! This list lured me in after a weekend of decadent New York meals.


Instead of a typical brunch, I ordered the market plate, which gives the choice of four vegetable sides. Restaurant veggies are often doused in oil, cheese, vinegar, or citrus, so I looked at this with the goal of preventing acid reflux. From about two dozen options, I chose these:

  • Sauteed kale with shallots: This was delicious! The kale was tender and bright green. I picked out the shallot pieces and didn’t have a problem with heartburn—but I enjoyed the flavor the shallots left behind.
  • Artichoke hearts with parmesan: The waitress said the artichokes were roasted, but it seemed like they were canned—which means they were soaked in acidic liquid. The dominant taste was lemon, so these weren’t a good choice for me. At least there wasn’t too much cheese . . . but I ate only about half of these.
  • Mixed mushrooms with leeks and herbs: I’ve never been served a plain pile of mushrooms like this. They didn’t have much herb flavor, so I reached my mushroom limit about halfway through the pile.
  • Autumn quinoa salad: Do people describe quinoa as “al dente”? They should; this quinoa was perfectly cooked and maintained its shape and springiness. It was a treat mixed with butternut squash, parsley, and possibly honey in the sauce.

I was satisfied with this meal overall. It made me feel good to sit in front of a plate full of only vegetables. One of the choices was mediocre in taste, and one of them was bad for heartburn—but the helpings were more than enough to fill me up. I’ll judge this a restaurant win. I would return to Westville, although next time I’d try an entree.


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