Rosemary Roasted Almonds & Other Edible Gifts


The holidays are quickly approaching! If you need gifts for friends, party hosts, or coworkers, edible treats are easy and inexpensive. You can get creative with packaging if you want to make them more special. If you give a healthy gift, people will appreciate it even more.

Elizabeth of In the Loop posted this idea of almonds roasted with fresh rosemary. I made them with fleur de sel and replaced half of the oil with cooking spray. The scent of rosemary turns these nuts into a classy gift (and fills your home for hours). If you’re following a GERD-friendly, low-fat diet, you don’t want to eat too many nuts—so I recommend having only a handful and giving away the rest.

For other gift ideas, I scoured my blog archives. These are all easy to make and will keep for a couple weeks:

A few other recipes are more perishable, so they work best as hostess gifts:

Happy holidays! Looking forward to more fun, balance, and good food in 2014.


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